Martija Stanojković – Elastic heart

Martija Stanojković sang the song “Elastic Heart” and completely brilliant!

– To me this was the best performance tonight. This is how it was perfect. As a world performance that I watched. Sung, enacted, all. Behind you, in front of you. Goose bumps me three times in the song. I’m taken aback, the fiftieth time – said Hari Mata Hari.

– Complete in every sense. She can sing what they want and this is going to sound celestial every time. Every time we enjoy it and we listen and we can not wait to see what you’re going to sing. It is simply a real pleasure. And tonight you’re especially nice, you remind me of Jessica Alba – said Jelena Tomasevic.

– As we have a category of small stars that we have a show, so we have a category of international stars, and there you are sacrosanct. What you tonight performed exceed the limits of the domestic show. youSource:

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