Antonia Gigovska – Mahovina

Antonia Gigovska – Mahovina

Antonia Gigovska opened tonight’s show. She sang the song Sara Jovanovic “mahovina” and impressed the jury and the audience in the studio.

– I do not know what to add other than their thunderous applause. You’re really beautiful. You have a remarkable transformation and that I really like. I really like how you do your job. What I was beautiful and that I like when you sing in Serbian, this is the Macedonian “spice”. This soft eyes really like. You’re wonderful, really – she said Goca Trzan.

– I’ve enjoyed! So I was kind of uniform. I’m used to a variety of interpretations of your beautiful and this was such a – honest was Hari.

– You are, Antonia, their consistent quality. We know you’re sick, was on the set in the last episode and this is now. But this is about you do not see. It’s amazing how you nothing can distract you – said Leontina Vukomanovic.

All jury members agreed that Antonio flawless and that deserves to be found in the super final.

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