Martija Stanojković – Najgora

Martija Stanojković – Najgora

sang the song “Najgora (worst)”. “Tonight you chose the song” worst “but I think you’re the best. I think you are a great singer, “commented Milan. Jelena Martija believes the singer and actress.

“It is in my opinion the most complete. The beautiful, bred, actress … when you go out it wins the stage. When you stand before a microphone it is transformed, these of average songs make art, not everyone, “said Goca, adding that the girl deserves international career.

I thought that we would not surpass the first season when it comes to quality. Now I see that I would be right. Everything they said it stands, not to repeat. From something, do more, it is the knowledge, skills, “was sincere Hari. Leontina is said to enjoy her singing.

“You are most amazing, destroyer.

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