Martija Stanojković – Uncover

Martija Stanojković the semifinals chose the song “Uncover”. Marko Kon’s first comment on Martija. He normally works behind the scenes with competitors.

“I am very proud that I had the opportunity to work with you. And yet I can brag about! “He said.

The first is that you are better, the second is that you’re the best and the third is that you’re the best,” said Milan. Jelena claims that Marty always spectacular. “Always in a specific way and done to perfection,” said Jelena, adding that they will vote.

“I’m tired because I have no more to say. This is commendable. Best, here! “Was short Hari.

Leontina girl seen as a world star. “I told you I want you all help in achieving your dream.”


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