New singing hope from Macedonia, talented Mite Stoilkov, the winner of the second season of the musical contest “Pink Star”. After ten months of fierce fighting in the fierce competition, the charming boy was awarded the prestigious statue, and as a reward received a recording songs and entire albums debut.

Mite in the final fight with Jelena Djuric says he did not expect a victory. This talented young guy who many say the new Tose Proeski, he began to sing another ten years, so it is no surprise that he won the audience over the past months and deservedly was one of the favorites.

– I’m in shock. I really did not expect this, because they were strong competitors. I am very, very happy, I can not describe how I feel now, at this moment – excitedly told the Telegraph Mite, who did not hide his tears after being declared the new “Pink star”.

Glossy Mite Stoilkov allocated to all ten months months during the competition and was one of the favorites Ceca Raznatovic, but he is the singer presented the statue and also the first congratulated, as humble Macedonians seemed particularly pleased, although he, as he himself pointed out, all members jury close to my heart.


This is something a lot for me, because all this great people. I’m not with anyone from the jury still in touch and I would not single out anyone in particular, but when I just had to, I’d love to collaborate with Ceca – Mite said with a smile.


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